Mactan-Cebu Airport Informational Guide to Mactan-Cebu International Airport - Non Official

Mactan-Cebu Airport Taxi

Transfer to downtown Cebu from the Airport in an hour by taxi, since the driving distance is about 15 km. There is usually a lot of traffic.


Taxicabs are located at the following locations:

- Terminal 1: Domestic Arrival.
- Terminal 2: International Link Bridge Arrival.

White taxi 

There are white-local metered taxis authorized to work at Cebu Airport. Operating hours: 24/7. 


Starts at P40 with additional P13.50 for every kilometer. P2 every two minutes. 

Yellow taxi

Another authorized company to work at Mactan-Cebu Airport. Operates 24/7.


Flag down rate P70.00 and P4 succeeding 300 meters.


Grab is a good option if you want to save money. It is a ridesharing app service, as well as Uber. Grab is the popular app in Southeast Asia. You need internet connection to book a taxi. 


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